Ian went above and beyond to make our house buying experience as pleasant and seamless as possible. He worked around our often challenging schedule. He respected our budget. He answered all of our questions no matter what time or day. He even helped out with our 7-month old son! He was kind and patient and, by the time we finally bought our house, he had become more of a friend than a real estate agent. I am so glad we had Ian representing us and we will for sure use him again in the future. He went above and beyond to ensure our happiness. I highly recommend Ian Leggett to anyone who is looking to buy or sell a property and wants an enjoyable experience.


Ian’s knowledge and experience as a realtor as well as his warm and genuine personality were invaluable to us during our search for our first home. He was able to coach us through the buying and selling process with sound accurate advice. Of particular help was Ian’s experience with home renovation. Ian helped us make informed decisions, identify potential issues we would have missed, and give us accurate estimates of the cost involved in any “fixer-uppers”. This enabled us to essentially see beyond the paint and furnishings of a house and appreciate potential opportunities as well as potential risks, which is an incredible asset for the new home buyer. We would wholeheartedly recommend Ian to our own friends and family.


Ian’s experience and knowledge of the Toronto Real Estate market provided real value to us when we were looking for our home. He was able to accurately assess the true market value of properties we were interested in and kept our expectations in check through several bidding wars. Buying a home in Toronto in most cases requires an offer with no conditions. Ian’s experience with home renovation enabled him to bring any potential issues in a home to our attention and give us an accurate estimate of what it would cost to correct any issues. I would recommend Ian to anyone looking to buy or sell a home in the Toronto area.


I'm Exceptionally Pleasant to Work With

Really. I’m a personable guy and I think you’d enjoy working together. You should call me. (647) 520-0551