I grew up in Bloor West Village and am now raising my own family in Parkdale.  My knowledge of the city, especially the West End, is expansive.  Schools, Parks, Services, Entertainment, Dining, and Sports Teams are all on my radar.



Not only can I navigate you around this great city, but I know my way around a house too.  I have fully gutted and renovated multiple properties as well as carried out numerous upgrades and remodels.  So when I walk through a house with you, I can show you its TRUE potential as well as point out any possible red flags or structural issues.  I’ll explain what’s possible or unrealistic and what’s worthwhile or a waste of time and money.



Buying or Selling a home is a tremendous deal to most of us.  I find out what is important to you, I take your comments and feedback seriously and I let you change your mind.  This process is about YOU.  My role is to offer you advice and insight about the market and the houses in it, and to draw up the paperwork and negotiate on your behalf.  And I do it FAST.  I am available to you at all hours of all days.   Showings, Comparable Listings, Offers, Negotiations, and of course Questions happen at all times of the day-and that is when I work for you.



I need to live somewhere that works for my family and I like my money too.  My mission is to make your Real Estate experience pleasant and wildly successful.  Whether we’re talking turn-key, fixer-upper or income properties, I can find it.  I can sell it.  And I negotiate hard to get you the best price for it in today’s market.



Really.  I’m a personable guy and I think you’d enjoy working together.  You should call me.